ThunderBolt — Token Burn event, Airdrop to $BOLT holders.


Good day $BOLT holders! It’s time to announce our Burn event schedule and Airdrop details for $BOLT holders.

$BOLT burning schedule: We will be burning a total of 10M $BOLT tokens from the Dev walllet: Click here. Starting from tonight 1OPM PST burning of $BOLT tokens will commence.

How will the burn be conducted?
$BOLT team will be transferring tokens to a green address and transferring them back to Dev wallet. Each TX has a tax fee, so we will continue repeating the action until a total of 1M tokens are burnt for the day. The first token burn event is scheduled for tonight at 10PM PST. We will announce the schedule on telegram daily, join us to stay up to date!

What is the benefit for $BOLT holders?

Burning $BOLT tokens not only will decrease our total supply, but the transacted volume will also help push our deflationary cycles to completion, triggering multiple rebases in a short time. Remember, holders are rewarded $BOLT tokens on every rebase. You can find more details about our deflationary cycles and rebase rewards on our website.

Airdrop Plan: Total of 5M $BOLT tokens have been allocated for our airdrop program. The first airdrop is scheduled for Friday April 9th. You must hold tokens in your wallet until 11:59PM PST Thursday. A snapshot will be taken at a random time if you transfer or sell your tokens prior to snapshot cut off time you risk not being accounted for airdrop. We will start a timer on our official website indicating the snapshot start and end time.

Airdrop qualification and distribution tiers:

Gold Tier: 100K $BOLT (Holding 1M or more tokens)

Silver Tier: 50K $BOLT (Holding 500K-1M tokens)

Bronze Tier 25K $BOLT (Holding 250K-500K tokens)

ALT Tier 1: 10K $BOLT (Holding 100K-250K tokens)

Alt Tier 2: 5K $BOLT (Holding 50K-100K tokens)

In the event your balance is 10 $BOLT or less than the next tier we will round your balance up to qualify you for the next tier.

We hope that we have laid out all the details crystal clear. There is no action required besides holding the tokens in your wallet. We will target airdrop distribution with the TAX fee at 5%. We hope this airdrop program and our massive token burn events will encourage our supporters to hold.

To learn more about Bolt and our upcoming marketing events, please join us on telegram.

Official Links:

Smart Contract:

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