After weeks of discussions with core team and advisors. We have decided to change the direction of the project. ThunderBOLT token had a great start up and marketing, but in order for $BOLT to succeed we would need a high dose of volume as the deflationary cycles age. Enigma was planned to introduce staking to $BOLT ecosystem but the main delay has been getting the BOLT concept to work with staking contracts and actually be beneficial for holders. As we can only offer a smaller APY and taking into account the tax fees in and out, the model just wouldn’t be attractive to have holders staking as rebase rewards would be much better.

Upcoming changes: We will be conducting a swap of all thunderbolt token holders and offering Thundershock in return. The ratio of swap and instructions will be posted here later this week. Our primary focus will now be on Thundershock. Thundershock has some nice features such as auto lock liquidity feature and distribution of rewards to holders on each transaction. It will also be easier to implement shock into staking contracts from development standpoint as the tax fee is always same and doesn’t change like thunderbolt. Also wanted to mention that it’s almost impossible to have a CEX list us with the current demand, backlog and technical integration that bolt would require.

All BOLT holders will receive SHOCK in return for their bolt, we will start an aggressive marketing campaign and upcoming products. It’s vital we make these changes now instead of taking action later when it’s “too late” as I strongly believe we will have issues with meeting the volume threshold requirement as the deflationary cycles age.


Swap now initiated, TAX FEE set to 0 for swap.

1) Send ThunderBolt to our official swap address: 0x16789d78247897DE776AA58b496bD14D107e9F39
2) There is no TAX fee for sending BOLT
3) The SWAP process will run from Today, to May 27/2021 11:59 PST
4) ThunderShock will be credited at a fixed ratio on May 28th to all swappers (RATIO to be determined after we know total swap amounts)
5) Liquidity will be drained from BOLT and portion will be added/buyback to Shock pool.

Thank you all for your patience, please ensure to send your Thunderbolt to the address above.

If you miss the deadline you won’t be able to participate in the swap process. Best to get it done asap.

Autonomous yield and liquidity generation token. Simply hold $SHOCK in your wallet and you will get more. On each transaction the contract automatically distributes rewards to holders as well as auto-locks liquidity forever. 4% tax, 2% distributed to holders and 2% auto locked to liquidity.

Thank you everyone!


Binance Smart Chain project

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