ThunderBolt Finance — ThunderShock and Enigma update

Thunderbolt Finance introduces ThunderSHOCK token.

Good day Bolt community!
It’s time to bring home the update everyone has been waiting for. In this post we will be covering the introduction of ThunderShock token and staking pools on Enigma staking dapp.

What is ThunderShock?
Autonomous yield and liquidity generation token. Simply hold $SHOCK in your wallet and you will get more. On each transaction the contract automatically distributes rewards to holders as well as auto-locks liquidity forever. 4% tax, 2% distributed to holders and 2% auto locked to liquidity. ThunderShock is the 2nd token introduced to the ThunderBolt Finance ecosystem. The main use case for this token is staking. By staking ThunderShock users can yield rewards from several pools in our upcoming Enigma Dapp. Stay tuned for Enigma release date.
1) Stake $SHOCK for $SHOCK rewards (100% APY)
2) Stake $BOLT for $SHOCK rewards (50% APY)
3) Stake $SHOCK to receive $BOLT rewards (8% APY)

What are the tokenomics of ThunderShock?
Total Supply: 1 Billion
Pre-sale: 300M ThunderShock
Pre-sale Price: 500K SHOCK/BNB
Pancakeswap ADD: 150M Thundershock (Listing price: 450K $SHOCK/BNB)
Staking: 450M Thundershock (Divided into 3 pools on Enigma)
Team tokens: 0 (Using BNB/BOLT for marketing/developments)
Airdrop to $BOLT holders: 100M $SHOCK details to be announced 04/22/2021.
ThunderShock contract:

Pre-sale time: 04/20/2021 Unicrypt (Link will be provided soon)

Enigma Dapp updates:
Development for engima dapp has been coming along very well, over the next few days we will share screenshots of the interface. Enigma is set to release very soon, stay tuned for details. Enigma will be the go to dapp for $BOLT and $SHOCK users. 3 staking pools will be introduced at the time of launch where users can start staking $BOLT and $SHOCK to earn passive income. We are also working on a raffle game for $BOLT which will be added to Enigma in May. More games such as a multiplayer blackjack and roulette are planned to be introduced along with $BOLT pinball!

ThunderBolt Updates:
As adding a 2nd token to the ecosystem was important to introduce the staking capabilities. We have decided to burn 5M additional $BOLT tokens.
The first 1M tokens will be burnt over the next 4 days, (250K $BOLT per day). Upon that we will announce a daily burn schedule for the remaining 4M tokens to be burnt. The first burn will commence at 1AM PST 04/21/2021.

Stay tuned for information regarding the $SHOCK pre-sale, we have some exciting marketing plans lined up to promote both $BOLT and $SHOCK.


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