After weeks of discussions with core team and advisors. We have decided to change the direction of the project. ThunderBOLT token had a great start up and marketing, but in order for $BOLT to succeed we would need a high dose of volume as the deflationary cycles age. Enigma was planned to introduce staking to $BOLT ecosystem but the main delay has been getting the BOLT concept to work with staking contracts and actually be beneficial for holders. …

Thunderbolt Finance introduces ThunderSHOCK token.

Good day Bolt community!
It’s time to bring home the update everyone has been waiting for. In this post we will be covering the introduction of ThunderShock token and staking pools on Enigma staking dapp.

What is ThunderShock?
Autonomous yield and liquidity generation token. Simply hold $SHOCK in your wallet and you will get more. On each transaction the contract automatically distributes rewards to holders as well as auto-locks liquidity forever. 4% tax, 2% distributed to holders and 2% auto locked to liquidity. ThunderShock is the 2nd token introduced to the ThunderBolt Finance ecosystem. The main use case for this token…


Good day $BOLT holders! It’s time to announce our Burn event schedule and Airdrop details for $BOLT holders.

$BOLT burning schedule: We will be burning a total of 10M $BOLT tokens from the Dev walllet: Click here. Starting from tonight 1OPM PST burning of $BOLT tokens will commence.

How will the burn be conducted?
$BOLT team will be transferring tokens to a green address and transferring them back to Dev wallet. Each TX has a tax fee, so we will continue repeating the action until a total of 1M tokens are burnt for the day. The first token burn event is…

Binance Smart Chain Project -Deflationary, Positive Rebase.

Hey $BOLT community, we are excited to announce our pre-sale is LIVE on Unicrypt launchpad. Audit passed with 0 severity.

ThunderBolt - Deflationary, Positive Rebase Token

Binance Smart Chain project

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